Our wedding party


Rebekah Kistka Kirsch- Sister of the Bride, Matron of Honor

Julia Kistka DePorre- Sister of the Bride, Matron of Honor

Penelope Kistka Holden- Sister of the Bride, Matron of Honor

Francesca Johnson- Friend of the Bride

Deirdre Fuerst- Friend of the Bride

Casey Maus- Friend of the Bride

Taryn Pabst- Friend of the Bride

Becky Whitaker- Friend of the Bride

Ashley Whitney- Friend of the Bride

Katie Bearman- Friend of the Bride

Kelly Files- Sister of the Groom

Kaitlin Files- Sister of the Groom

Tara Files- Sister of the Groom




David Hillegass- Best Man- Friend of the Groom

Brendan McManus- Friend of the Groom

Patrick Connors- Friend of the Groom

Jeff Palumbo- Friend of the Groom

Alex McKnight- Friend of the Groom

Ryan Digney- Friend of the Groom

Matthew Orminnski- Friend of the Groom

Peter Leonard- Friend of the Groom

Jared Hutchinson- Friend of the Groom

Joey Benitez- Friend of the Groom

Daniel Holden- Brother-In-Law of the Bride

Jules DePorre- Brother-In-Law of the Bride

Scott Kirsch- Brother-In-Law of the Bride





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